Becoming the change you want to see

Becoming the change you want to see is a great way to look at life and live in a positive environment even when things are less from perfect.But there again what is perfection?Especially if you contemplate that everyone’s idea of perfection differs slightly,saying that though there is one thing that we probably all agree is a sign of near perfection.
A society that doesn’t put a monetary value over human life is a sign of perfection in my eyes,you know the kind of society that believes in investing in life before buying death is a sign of perfection.
Saying that though we are talking general perfection in a grand scale when we talk of such things or even dream of such things but is it right that we have to dream such things when it’s all possible from our expressions in everyday life.
Someone said once”be the best you can be”and those words resonate with power if you actually take the time to sit down and think about it,obviously im not saying be the best you can be at the detriment of others.
What im saying is quite the opposite in all honesty as what im saying is:Be all you can be by being the “all you can be” to another human being or to a cause you believe in from the core of your being.


For me being the change I want to see is getting out and engaging with fellow humans in my everyday life and leaving a seed,whether that be as little as an act of kindness to a smile and a nod to a stranger in the street-Its all seeds you see and from little seeds big trees grow.
That one-act of kindness or the smile to the stranger can change their life as much as yours because next time you encounter the ship you passed in the night no doubt they will feel comfortable to engage with you in a common discourse as they will remember and think”Oh I remember that person who smiled on that day” or “that’s the person who took the time to help”
With that small act of being human you are truly a human being and what is more human than actually being.


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