One Nation—A warning from history


Why we should be concerned about the New Purple Party

When I watched Tony Blair kick clause IV into the history books and when they manhandled the old gentleman at their Conference for being outspoken I truly thought I had seen Labour at its lowest.
Roll forward a few years and several more low points for New Labour under Blair and Brown which inevitably got them ejected from the corridors of power in a landslide defeat in 2010,which no doubt took the wind out the sails of Mandelson not to mention the rest of the champagne Socialists in the right leaning New Labour party.
Johann Lamont

So you can imagine my surprise,shock and a general feeling of nausea when I tuned in to watch Labcon13 at the lovely city of Brighton and Hove and thought I had tuned into Dave’s Dickensian Jamboree?also I was rather shocked to see there was no red rose?Not only that there was no Red(Red was verboten obviously) only a big Blue background with a strange purple St Georges cross on a tory blue background?
What happened to the Red Ed?
If I was an extra in a Warner Bros cartoon a big rain cloud would have appeared with lightning bolts and Boris Karloff music,sadly that’s just my imagination as in reality it was just me and Indydug sitting in an old building in an old town with coffee steaming on the side of my table where the biscuits live.
purple ED

Before everyone goes “Mark yer mad yer aff yer heid” let me say this: 
Political parties and corporations pay people a lot of money to rebrand their new venture or even an old one that needs an image change,from colour to intent it’s all planned to the finest detail.
Every angle is covered and every decision is made to show intent and promote the way us the masses perceive them,especially in today’s world where image is everything to the egomaniacs who like to strut around like peacocks looking for mate.
As you can see the colour purple and the frighteningly inspired One Nation branding exercise by New Labour(Sorry I mean One Nation)Labour is disconcerting to say the least if you actually think about it and what it entails.
Blue and red makes purple remember.
So we have divisive policies mixed with the “My Britain rhetoric” and the odd bit of general denigration of a group of people who’s only crime is they want the right to reclaim their birthright and be in charge of their own affairs..

One Nation Politics is something to be very wary of,if history has taught us nothing else



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