BletherTogether and the Bedroomtax

I watched First Ministers Questions yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes ears or other body parts when Johan Lamont of Purple Labour Scotland Division Stood up and asked her first question
*Drum Roll*
Wait for it,its coming……she asked this
“First Minister why are you letting the people of Scotland down on the Bedroomtax”
To a resounding applause not only from the purple corner but the rest of the chamber?
Why would the SNP applaud you ask?Well I will tell you:
The reason why they applauded is because everyone knew the truth,the real truth and not the hollow indignation truth from the Purple wing of Bettertogether.
I don’t actually think Johan Lamont knew the real truth?
If Johan did she must have had a touch of amnesia or she hadn’t read the script she was handed while running from Waverley Station down to Holyrood for her stooshie with that “Nat virus”(her words no mine)
She had just come back from her jollies down to Brighton at the One Nation purple Jamboree so maybe her mind was on ice creams,candy floss on the promenade and not whether people might have better memories than the average brown trout.
Johann Lamont
Lets say though it was major mistake for the person who presides over the only councils who are evicting for this heinous tax,never mind that New Labour were the party who invented,aided and implemented the dastardly Dickensian policy from Westminster back in 2001 for private tenants.
Not only that but this is the first time Miss Lamont has mentioned the bedroomtax at First Ministers Questions since the Tories run with Labours ever so Socialist policy from the last time they were wielding the “denigration of the poorest” Gauntlet from the corridors of power.
Bedroomtax labour

For a party who are so publicly opposed to the bedroomtax there seems to be a lot of evidence against Lamont’s selective indignation on the matter?
Do they actually think we have such short memories that we don’t remember the First eviction by a Labour led council which graced our front page of the daily record only a few weeks ago?
Aye they are so enraged about it they evict for it.
Johann pinnochio
If the purple party are so against the bedroomtax then why did the majority of Scotland’s Labour MP’s abstain on the vote in the commons?
Were they showing their indignation and outrage to the policy by refusing to vote and showing their opposition by playing a few rounds of golf followed by a dram with a cheeky anti bed tax fish supper?
Or is it that they weren’t interested in fighting it because they knew if they challenged it Dickensian Dave could go
“I’m only polishing your policy chaps”


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