Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron

Major  Cameron
(Then hides under its bed apparently)

Yesterday our first Minister was sitting down to his Sliced sausage and black pudding rolls in front of the freshly stoked fire at Bute house when he heard the post arrive.
Eck must have thought “Deary me those letters sound laden with weighty intentions” and went to investigate the air of selective indignation emanating from the brown envelope with PM embossed in gold leaf.
YEAR Review Politics 42
I can only imagine the delight of our First Minister when he opened the Envelope and got a waft of trapped Brut
aftershave then read as follows:

Dear Eck
Im a bit feart so if you don’t mind I will decline you’re offer to talk about the issues of Scotland as I only value my opinions old chap.Feel free to debate any member of the NO power party as they can’t answer for me and only I know the plans post 2014 on Defence,welfare and taxation.

Love and hugs

No doubt our Fist Minister chuckled all the way to Holyrood with the Prime Minister’s public capitulation ringing in his mind.

Enter the young pretender
Only in The U.K. political arena would we have a Prime Minister asking a back bencher from the opposite party to defend a constitutional matter regarding the future of a Nation?

Even better his chosen defender of the crown has no power in either Parliament which basically means he’s as much use a chocolate fireguard in the debating arena of Scotland’s future.
“Who is this Debating lyrical genius” I hear you ask?
Is he a fabled Political pied piper who  will sway the crowd with his oratory prowess and almost Jedi like command of the Oral mystic arts?
A man who can charm the birds from the trees and sing honey into mead?

Who is this Titan of Oral Mysticism?

*fanfare and cue “eye of the tiger” to lights,smoke and a few mirrors*

Brave Darling

Aye Dave picked the man who single handedly crashed the economy because he was reading zoo when the bankers started playing top trumps with the worlds finances.Even if the Purple Party were in power Darling wouldn’t be suitable as his only qualification is he was Browns fallguy for 2 years.
Not a great endorsement for issues relating to diplomacy or figures and don’t get me started on his nous for defence matters being part of a government who broke international law.
The main issue though is that he has no political title of note or any sway in either of the two Parliaments and hence no place debating on our Referendum.
Obviously the usual suspects are going
“Why wont Eck debate with Darling?” or “He knows Darling will walk all over him”
Seriously Guys?
By the logic of the BetterTogether mindset we could have a debate with Merkel or Hollande as they are also significant in the independence debate if we are using That line of thought?
Maybe wee Tam the milkman or Bobby the postie would be suitable to debate Trident,welfare and taxation policies with also?If its any Scot like Labour cohorts are saying then anyones up for the job right?

The Prime Minister and the First Minister are both on the Edinburgh Agreement so its they who debate being the two main protagonists.
Prime Minister David Cameron-1380760


3 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron

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  2. ‘To lights and smoke’ ( and of course mirrors) Nice piece Mark. The Labour and Tory parties in Scotland haven’t a leg to stand on when they refuse to back this debate.. They continue to say that Alex Salmond said previously that David Cameron was to butt out. That’s all well and good, but David Cameron has injected himself into the debate with UK Government anti-independence ‘Papers’ forecasting doom for Scotland if we vote Yes. Lets not forget this was the man who a few months ago straddled a Nuclear Submarine up the Clyde and called pro indy Scots bravehearts. Add to that George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith coming up to Scotland using the same rhetoric as Dave. With the Scottish media not even challenging them and printing their opinions as facts.

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