Dickensian Together

Picture This….
5am before the sun has risen on a desperately cold December morning and everything is still in the world.In the distance of your mind you hear the faint rumble of something invading your dream-state”What is that” you ask yourself?
The rumble gets close and it finally dawns on you that the rumble isn’t a dream after all but the camp firing up for the days compulsory toil for bed and sustenance.
Already you can hear the people coming through the gates crunching through the knee-deep snow coughing and spluttering with an almost rhythmic sound.
You tap the bunk above to wake old Allie as he’s a bit deaf so sleeps like a brick despite the constant chatter of the other 200 men,woman and children who reside in shed 66.Then the two of you are up and away within a couple of minutes as you both know that the food hall will be warm and if you want any of the salt for your oats you have to be in the first 100.
As you are walking the 100 yards to the food hall you think back to when you actually had a decent job,family and a home call your own as Allie says
“How did we get here son”
Welcome to the Neo Dickensian Future
It seems as if Westminster are going back to the 1800’s with their latest denigration and humiliation of the poorest in society with their Workfare program.A horrific forced labour program that has only one purpose and that purpose is as abhorrent as the policy itself.
Basically Westminster has now decided through its Corpocracy that multi million pound corporations need to increase their profit margins and the best way to do that is cut the wage bill.Before anyone says”it’s not about that ” or “they have to do something for their money” I say this:
Do you think your employers going to pay you if they can get free labour?
Happy Rich Businessman with US Dollars banknotes and Euro banknotes
Of course they aren’t if they can get their drivers and call center workers shipped in from the local jobcentre at the stroke of a key or the lift of a phone.Even better for them the Westminster Government will give them a nice wedge of cash for using this unlimited source of free labour so for an employer its a win win situation.
For the other 99% of the population its a whole different story and not a nice one at that as basically you become in servitude.
Call it peasantry,slavery or forced labour its all part of a small elite wanting to establish a Neo Dickensian state where we have the “haves” and the “do as your told” or starve.
It’s as if the whole 20th century never happened and a kind of unreal almost nightmarish like scenario of a dark dickens novel is upon us.
Some might say those words are “strong” but so they should be as this policy has no other purpose than too impoverish the majority for the greed of the minority.
Welfare……The myth exposed
What politicians and the mainstream media choose not to understand is that we don’t actually have welfare in this country.We have an entirely different thing called Social security which basically means you have paid in to the pot for education,healthcare and benefits.
Basically every time you get paid you have a thing called National Insurance deducted which is your “Social Security”and we have paid for it in full.
Yes everyone is covered because even if you haven’t contributed you can bet your last pound that your fathers and grandfathers have.
So don’t be fooled by the propagandists who say we live in a “something for nothing” culture or”we have to make work pay” as our debts to Westminster are paid in full.
Not only are your debts paid in full they are paid well in advance of your Grandchildren’s,Grandchildren and probably a few generations extra on top.

Silhouette of oil platform in sea against moody sky at sunset

Then we have our resources revenue surplus

People tend to forget that in Scotland no one should be living in extreme poverty as we are an oil-producing Nation with a population smaller than London’s.
Neither should we have parts of our country where the child poverty rate is higher than the Gaza strip.
We are like a strange inverted type of Beverley Hillbillies story who strike oil but became all the poorer for it?
Now its not as if we haven’t collected massive revenues for it,we have and lots of it but somehow all this wealth was squandered by war centric men who pay for death before they invest in life.
Who do you think paid for Iraq,Afghanistan and trident?
We did with our resources and our revenues and we deserve better than men in shiny suits with Eton educations telling us
“We need to earn our benefits” or “Make work pay”

Vote Yes in 2014 to end Dickensianism in Scotland

Saor Alba


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