Return of the Said”Aye”


In a Galaxy far far away
Well Clydebank if we are going to be grammatically correct there was a trade union meeting and our favourite Bettertogether aficionado Anas Sarwar was a guest speaker.
Anas obviously thought he was in for an easy ride regurgitating the same old
“Be afraid,be very afraid” rhetoric which all 3 of the Unionist parties use on a continuos loop.Oh what a shock Anny must have got when the people that turned weren’t going to put up with his nonsense about how misery likes company and you’re too wee to be independent.
Lets say it didn’t go to plan for Anas as even the staunchest believer in old Labour values has started to realise that they are just tories in red coats and another wing of the one party right centric politics of Westminster.A system that believes in spending billions on war and trident before homing and feeding the poor and disabled.
Its pretty apparent that people have had enough of the snake oil pitches and promises of bread and jam from the Bettertogether contingent so you can understand if people decided that”enough was enough” and demanded answers vocally.
Wouldnt you?
Kilted Stormptroopers
Attack of the Drones
Next we have the social media cyberverse where it seems as if Westminster has activated the 666 protocol on their Drones cerebral chip*cue march of the Empire* and sent their councilors into the fray with no doubt a head full of smarties and a handfull of literature.
What the Bettertogether mothership down in Westminster don’t understand is that we don’t swallow their half truths and fearmongering anymore as we are all aware that the profit before people system they cherish is heartless and cruel.
Which basically means the No camp have nothing good to say and less of an urge to say it,hence why they use the repetitive diatribe and about how
“We are better in the union because were bigger and just cause”
For twelve months the full weight of the media has aided and abetted the Unionist cause with an almost Pythonesque bias which has become so apparent now its farcical.I can only assume that they have realised that we see the mainstream media for what they are and have sent what forces they can muster from the Political sock drawer to defend the indefensible!

YES March & Rally for Scottish Independence.  Image by Ivon Bart
The Return of the Said”aye”s

Last week when I wrote about a beacon being lit in the hearts and minds of Scotland’s people it was no jest as this beacon is reaching afar with the Yes side.Reports coming from the Yes campaign are good and people are seeing a tidal shift from undecideds to the yes side which is fantastic and fills me with hope,joy and a feeling of expectation.
Who would have thought that the 30’000 Said”Aye”s would cause such a ripple in the independence debate in spite of the empires best efforts to dampen down the event with an almost total media blackout.
Oh how wrong they were because those 30’000 Said”Aye”s left calton hill on the 21st September 2013 with fire in their bellies and hope in their minds.
A great wave of positive Said”Aye”s spread throughout Scotland and the rest of the world spreading the good word about Scotland’s Independence and the benefits of yes 2014.
Since the March and Rally on the 21st everyone is focused and inspired to become the change they want to see and that change is an independent Scotland free from Dickensian Policies which we know will end with a yes vote.You could even go as far as to say that the 30’000 has multiplied ten fold since the Said”aye”s descended the hill and hit the streets running.

A new Hope

The finest example of how public opinion is coming to the Yes side is the meeting on the 3rd of October in Leith where the hall was full beyond capacity.Actually it was such a big a turnout that the confirmed Said”Aye”s volunteered to leave so undecideds could attend and in turn be informed.
Having meetings filled beyond capacity is a true representation of how our campaign is going and lets just say its a healthy positive Yes camp full of inspiration and elation for our Independent Nation.

The Force is strong in Yes


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