Nothing to fear but fear itself

Now theres a name if I ever heard one and a more apt name couldn’t have been thought up by by the Westminster men in black if they had tried.It sets the scene of figures draped in dark cloaks in an old dungeon under Windsor castle planning their strategy to scare the bejezezus out of the average person to a Boris Karloff backing track of lightning and Organ symphonies.
What they don’t realise is that we aren’t in the 1950s anymore where we might be swayed by being intimidated and scared in submission.Its as if they dusted off the old Imperialism for beginners manual and thought
“Oooh look our Grandfathers grandfathers did it like this”
and off they went to pen Propaganda pamphlets for the No campaign titled
“For Projectfears eyes only”
No doubt the “Rev I am Jolly” appreciation fan-club loved it and thought
“We will now be named Projectfear” then duly proceeded to recite the ProjectFear motto
“Abandon all truth ye who enter here” which is no doubt on a plaque above the door.

Honestly it’s almost farcical that these people have such low esteem for the people of Scotland that they would try to use fear against the people who voted them into office in the first place.
Even worse is the blatant dishonesty from them regarding an Independent Scotland post 2014 when its common knowledge they are being lets say less than economical with the truth
Are they so scared of losing their jobs that they would rather see endemic poverty under the Union which has given us a higher child poverty rate than the Gaza strip in certain parts of our major cities.
Are they so desperate to cling to what little power they have that they enable such capricious policies as the Bedroomtax.Do we matter so little that they would rather spend 125 billion pounds on trident instead of feeding and homing the poor and disabled?How can this be justified in a country which isn’t only resource rich,but also the eighth richest country in the world.
Yes it’s not right and as a matter of fact it’s so far from right it’s an inverted system which we live in under this alleged Union Governance.

Yes I said it and I stick by it:
“We live in an inverted system under Westminster Governance”
and the reason I can say this is because They pay for Death but refuse to invest in life and to me that’s inverted and inhumane.Who in their right mind supports policies which strip people of their dignity and deny them of their human rights,all the while purchasing shiny weapons?
That isn’t the sign of a civilized society its the sign of a barbaric one that preys on the innocent all the while turning a blind eye to the real villains,who avoid billions in taxes while old people freeze in the winter and parents are forced to go to foodbanks to feed their children.
Change is within our grasp and its receptive to hope
This is where we come to the nothing to fear part and an explanation on why we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Firstly lets talk about the fear factory illusion that we will be “weaker apart” which is basically a nonsense if you look at the direction Westminster seem to be going with a UKIP/tory alliance in 2015.
So in all honesty it’s not the unknown people should be wary of but what a future in the Union can and will guarantee.
I would rather take a chance on a wealthier and healthier society than have endemic poverty and inverted ethics as a certainty ,it’s what you would call a no brainer if you look at the future Tory/Ukip Governments which are coming in the near future.
We would have a far more inclusive society without the Dickensian policies which demonize the poor and disabled aided by a consistent diatribe from the mainstream media,also we would be  much wealthier as we wouldn’t be paying for Trident and financing the transformation of the Middle East into a car park.
So financially and socially as an independent nation we would be better off yes?
Be the change you want to see!

Vote Yes 2014.


6 thoughts on “Nothing to fear but fear itself

  1. Best one yet. I’m feeling the confidence in your writing now that its post your initial fears of exposing your thoughts to be judged by the world mate. 🙂

    • Thanks Bob it means a lot that you are reading them and giving them an honest critique:)
      Your right though im feeling much more comfortable in my own style of writing and its seeming to flow smoothly now which has opened a Pandoras box for me to explore.:)
      Thanks again Bob your comments are greatly appreciated as is your friendship pal.

  2. Agree, very readable, and candid. In particular, the line ‘I would rather take a chance on a wealthier and healthier society than have endemic poverty and inverted ethics as a certainty’ is a telling one, reminds me of the quote by Ambrose Redmoon ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear’ keep writing!

    • Thank you im really grateful that you took the time to read my blog and for taking the time to comment on them.
      Its heartening to have the approval of fellow writers who are far more experienced in creative writing than I am.
      Thanks again for taking the time to read my wittering’s…:).

  3. Great article. One of my undecided, leaning to no, friends asked recently if I could “guarantee” that things would be better with independence. There are no guarantees in life, but I have an increasing sense of how much worse it could get if there is a no vote. I like the positivety, keep going, and write what you honestly think.

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