Where have all the good left gone?

Labour posh boys
What has happened to the Left in the Westminster arena of politics and why have we seen a successive move to the right from New labour/One Nation Labour(whatever they are called) and is this the end of the Left in UK politics,are they on the way of the Lizar and the Dodo only to be seen in the annals of History.
Will the left be thought of as a past political system while the right one party state denigrate Socialism and caring for the many over the few as a quaint idea from the past,you know those ridiculous ideas like a fair days pay and free at the point of use healthcare?
I know the Labour faithful will no doubt say
“We had to be relevant” and “it’s what the public wants” and in response I could say:
No you didn’t and im still to meet a member of the public who supports Thatcherism policies!
Since Kinnock the Left has been usurped by another branch of Elitists who have no idea how a man or woman on the street live and that’s why we have seen an ever-increasing lurch to the right,how could you expect them to do any different when in reality most of them are from wealthy backgrounds or Labour blood lines who decided Socialism was only for others as they publicly educated their children and in turn created Anti Socialists by default.
Who would have thought these proud and honoured members of the old Labour establishment would have bestowed a generation of Purple party,One Nation and a One party state of politics in Westminster?
all the same
The Not as bad as the Tories fallacy
I couldn’t disagree stronger with the “they aren’t as bad as the Tories” mindset or the other great excuse for discarding all you believe in statement of”What choice do we have” which is defeatist and a betrayal to the founding principles of the Labour Party in all honesty.
People are so quick to forget the 13 years of Labour governance which castigated the disabled and poor with policies like workfare,esa,atos and the horrendous Bedroomtax,and lest we forget that Labour were willing to spend squillions flattening the middle east and taking us into illegal wars.
How many people could that money have helped rather than light up the middle easts skies and turning it into the worlds biggest car park I ask you,and how many people could have been homed and fed if they had enacted true Socialist polices or even Ethical policies for that matter?
Even in opposition they have been impotent while aiding and abetting the other two parties with their capricious Dickensian policies that hurt the poorest in society,all the while ignoring the true menace of Large corporations and the wealthy by ignoring tax avoidance.

Lets take Social security as the first example and how they abstained or voted with the condems on issues like workfare and the Bedroomtax which beggars belief in all reality,secondly we could look at the Royal Mail privatisation which Labour could have stopped if it had the social conscience to state they would renationalise it as the SNP
(So much for the tartan Tories jibes) have done in Scotland.
Sadly Labour wouldn’t or didnt want to for ideology reasons commit to that so instead they threw their potential voters the fish head policy of freezing the price of energy bills for 17 months,and that’s “only if the climate is right” whatever that means?
A true Socialist party would have announced a renationalisation of the utilities and told the money men in the city,who are no doubt shareholders in these Companies to sling their hooks and give them all a basic rate to buy their shares back.

Even if we look at housing you can see that Labour isn’t working anymore by its refusal enact in 13 years of Government,or even announce for the future post 2015 a major social housing program that would have replenished the stock and employed thousands of people.
Not to mention all the apprentices that would have been trained in the process and enabling future generations of skilled people,curbing excessive rents from Landlords who in turn milk the state which pushes the housing benefit bill through the stratosphere and in turn fuels the Tory rhetoric on the bedroomtax.
Sadly they just ate at the Westminster trough as they do now without care or concern for the many,and encouraging the obscene greed of the few!
001 Royal mail box
The end is Nigh
Well for Socialism in any form it is as far as Labour are concerned I think if you look at the last labour conference,where strangely there was no red to be seen and the rose had been replaced by what suspiciously looks like the old tory logo but with purple and blue.Even the background to the main stage was blue which must have had Bevan doing backflips in the halls of Valhalla,you could see the ghosts of Labours past screaming from the afterlife“Nooooo,nooooo and noooo to tory blue” if you see things the way I do.
Then we have the reshuffle of Purple Eds cabinet and enter the young pretenders from the Oxbridge elite with a spring in their step and menace on their minds at which dastardly plans they could outdo the Tories with in the coming weeks from their swanky new offices.
Who would have thought that the first major announcement from the new rich on the block would be“We will be tougher than the Tories on benefits” which could only be described as Anti Socialist and as far from core Labour values as I am from the third quadrant of the Dagar moon system.

Worse still Labour are in alliance with the Tories in Scotland as part of the bettertogether campaign which is also a great betrayal to the core principles of the Labour party our Grandfathers knew,and no doubt Keir Hardie would be ashamed at how they are denying the rights of self determination for the people of Scotland in cahoots with the Conservative Unionist Party.
Lest we forget that this alleged bastion of Socialism are enacting and enabling the capricious bedroomtax with their Tory cohorts in councils they preside over,and let us also never forget That it was Labours idea to inflict the worlds most expensive bus route on Edinburgh with their idea to have a tram system.
Which funnily enough it seems as if they haven’t learned their lesson by as they are going to continue with the worlds most expensive Hornby kit,which sort of sums up the mindset of the Labour party we have now if truth be told.
Finally we have the infamous PFI projects under Labour where they sold perfectly good Hospitals,and in turn primed NHS privatisation for their Tory cohorts when it was their turn to play dress up as the ruling party
in Westminster’s hall of mirrors.
Where have all the good left gone?


4 thoughts on “Where have all the good left gone?

  1. Well said Mark!
    You might be interested in having a look at my comments on Labour, the bedroom tax, Royal Mail renationalisation and why/how workers need independence AND socialism, on my blog….

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Ritchie.I will definitely have a look at your Blog and no doubt enjoy reading what you have to say onour self determination and the Social issues we are facing in todays world.
      Thanks again for your time and kind words.

  2. You should have given a plug to the Plaid Cymru MPs, who are not scared in being radical and progressive. All new members are very welcome-particularly socialists!

    • I will in the future Ian…Its just that I don’t know enough about the Welsh Independence campaign to comment truthfully but I will do my research and write an article about Plaid and its aims towards self representation ..Thanks for reading and commenting Ian.

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