Things that make you go………..YES!!

With 11 months to go I believe its time to take the initiative and take our message to the People of Scotland on the benefits of becoming an independent nation,for too long have we listened to diatribe from the mainstream media and Westminster pointing out the negative and ignoring the positive cases for Independence.
I believe the game has changed after watching Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond give passionate speeches at the SNP conference in Perth,both were inspirational,evocative and full of principled policies on what we can achieve with our own self-determination as an independent Nation.
Speeches that brought a tear to the eye but lit a fire in the belly and no doubt shook the timbers of Westminster whilst rattling a few cages in the Uniontwist media wings.
Independence day planned
Nicola Sturgeons speech laid out the SNP’s view of an independent Scotland after the 2014 referendum if(which there will be)there is a Yes vote,and in turn give us an idea of the contents of the white paper which is basically going to be a “people before profit” society and a brave new country where the needs of the many come before the greed of the few.
Finally it seems like we are going to have Country where our old don’t freeze in the winter and people are encouraged and helped into work,rather than victimized and bullied into work as it is now.
A country of a living wage instead of the minimum wage and an education system that believes in nurturing our talent,not burdening them with debt and tuition fees,a fairer society who helps rather than hounds and doesn’t inflict pain on those who can’t defend themselves with Capricious policies like the bedroomtax.
A social security that actually does what it is supposed to do,by securing you through the help of society which is what it should be,not the Westminster option of Denigration and deprivation by reducing Peoples benefits and forcing them to rely on food-banks to survive.
no 10
In Westminster we have the Tories refusing to act on excessive fuel prices from energy cartels and Labour claiming that they might freeze bills for 18 months if the climates right?
Meanwhile We have Nicola sturgeon stating that in an independent Scotland the SNP will cut bills year on year and put an end to fuel poverty,now that’s what I call a policy which benefits the many over the greed of the few and shows the direction Scotland should be going,will be going if we are at the helm of our own affairs with a Yes vote in 2014.We are such a resource rich Nation that we could control our own destiny rather than leaving it in the hands of people who can’t be trusted to do the best for Scotland’s People,that alone is a good enough case for independence,but bear with me I shall lay out the other cases to say Yes!
001 Royal mail box
First lets look at services like the NHS and our Royal mail which under the Westminster system are there to be profiteered from and privatised ,where as on the other hand in an independent Scotland we will keep our NHS in public hands as Bevan prescribed,also in an Independent Scotland we would have a renationalised Royal mail which will keep our universal mail delivery service in public hands free from excessive charges and exploitation saving thousands of Jobs in the process.
Then we have our education which under the Westminster system it’s not “what you know” but “what you can pay for” and a growth of Free schools who will no doubt be sponsored by large corporations at the detriment of the balanced education that our children deserve.
Where as in an independent Scotland our education system will be free to all and at a standard which nurtures and encourages every child’s potential no matter their background or parents bank balance,in other words there will be no tuiton fees saddling our Young with a lifetime of debt and no Kentucky fried Schooling from Companies and corporations.
Can we afford independence
Then we have our resources and National wealth which under the Westminster system those resources are squandered on wars,weapons and vanity projects like HS2,while they have a stagnant economy who spend obscene amounts of money on weapons of mass destruction,while promoting unsafe technologies like fracking to extract gas with no care or concern for the publics well being or opinion.
Where as in an independent Scotland we would be the 6th richest country in the world and our resources would be used wisely for the benefit of future generations similar to what the Norwegians have in an oil fund,in turn that revenue being spent on injecting wealth into our Nation would make dramatic improvements to everyone’s standard of living,not feathering the nest of the chosen few as it is under the Westminster system where the pound outweighs the people.Neither would we be wasting billions of pounds on unwanted Trident Nuclear missiles while we have areas of our country where the child poverty rate is higher than parts of the the third world.
Do we want a culture where weapons of death are worth more than investing in life?
trident free
Then we have representation(or the lack of it)that we have under the South East centric Westminster first past the post system,where in all honesty our vote doesnt really count for anything if you look at how it’s represented in the UK electorally.The prime example is todays Conservative/Liberal Democrats coalition government who very few voted for but still we live under their governance with their Neo Dickensian policies and profit first ideology.
Its about choices;Do we choose to be Nuclear free without WMD’s;Do we choose to invest in our youth;Do we choose to help not harrass;Do we choose to live in a country of celebration not degradation?
if we were Independent we would get the Governance we voted for and a much more representative state of Parliament by using the Proportional representation system of electing our MSP’s which basically means we get who we vote for and not who the South East vote for.
We can have Elected Governments;Not Rejected Governments
nevr again Thatcher


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