Poll-itics…………..The Art of Deception


A current theme in the Political arena is the consistent use of polls and the validation of their chosen direction,by using them as a reason to create new policies or convey the publics opinions.
You will also notice that members of Parliament regularly come on television stations quoting that”the public opinion is supportive according to recent polls” which isn’t really the case as this is only a microcosm of the publics opinion and from a small chosen demographic.
As an example lets say they asked 1001 people their opinion on benefit cuts in Kensington they would get full support and justification,where as if they asked the same question in Glasgow they would get the exact opposite result and no support for their policy and in turn rejection to their cuts.
So as you can see it’s not what the poll says,but how the questions are asked and who they are asked too,which basically means if a government want a desired result they send their chosen pollsters to certain places and in turn fashion the poll to their desired outcome.

Lets not just take my word for it though;Lets look at the evidence of poll accuracy.
Way back in 2011 during the run up to the Holyrood elections,we were repeatedly told that “Labour were coming home” at 20 points ahead and the assertion that the SNP would lose many of their seats giving Labour an overall majority?
Then the day came to pass and The SNP won the elections with an overall majority,sending a message that the polls werent only wrong they were drastically incorrect in their assumptions of a labour landslide.
In the aspect of fairness lets use another example from another Nation and focus on the last Election to choose the president of the united states,where we had a certain Mr Mitt Romney being neck and neck in the polls and that “it was going to be a close result” and
“Romney might be the next president” that turned out to be a landslide victory for Obama which flew in the face of all the reporting and polls on the run up to election day as it did in the 2011 Holyrood elections.
By those two examples the act of using polls to predict election outcomes is akin to throwing some Ogham sticks or deducting the result by whether Taurus is in Pisces over a rising moon in the third quarter of Libra,which in other words is as accurate as playing darts wearing a blindfold if you see what im getting at?
Divination - D111 box ogham 3
Judging by the evidential facts on poll accuracy the unions assumptions about people’s voting intentions on independence are ridiculous and invalid as a debating point,not to mention using them as a premise for opinions or policies.
Every time we switch on a Political program which is aimed at the Scottish demographic,we have the usual suspects with sheets of white paper in hand crowing
“The polls say there is no support for Independence” or the other favourite
“Why haven’t your ratings changed according to polls”
Then warranted by the power of the poll they denigrate and insinuate that the Yes campaign is no more than a small bunch of woad warriors standing in a field shouting “freedom” while the rest of Scotland is allegedly singing “roll out the barrel” and “knees up mother brown” draped in Union jacks in a frenzy of sycophancy.

In reality these polls are inaccurate to say the least and fabrications at their worst if you actually go and speak to the average person on the street,in truth the consensus of the majority of people I have met lately are either “Aye,im voting Yes” or “I was undecided but now im going to vote yes” and very rarely do you hear “Im voting NO” and not once have I heard “Were better Together”
If there was this great swathe of BetterTogether aficionados all declaring their undying love for Westminster,I would no doubt be chased up the road on a regular basis,or at the very least be sent away with a flea in my ear and told “NO,now be gone Separatist”
It’s actually quite the opposite and that makes the premise of using polls as an indicator like trying to find the winning lottery numbers by staring into a bowl of warm milk,to be fair though staring into the milk would give you a more accurate idea of an outcome than relying on the pollsters and their jiggery pokery slight of hand predictions.

The only true polls i all honesty are the online polls because they show a more accurate representation by default as they cover a wide demographic of people and are also very hard to manipulate into a desired result,which is probably the reason why most of the polling companies don’t use an open online polling method to gather their data as it can’t be controlled and cajoled to gain the desired result.
Once compared with others its a great way to see the disparity between people’s true feelings and the numbers that the Tommy cooper poll appreciation society release,to the glee of the Westminster old boys brigade no doubt that seem to hold all aspects of our National press and Broadcasters firmly in their velvet gloves.
Dont just take my word for it though;Take a look at the online polls for yourself!
Another way to gage a sense the mood of the Nation is to ask your neighbours how they are voting and what their thoughts are on Independence,which will give you a small insight into the true intentions of the people rather than the selective polling program that is employed by the powers that be.In my case when I polled my neighbours and the result was 80% yes,5% no and 15% undecided which sort of flies in the face of the official polls we see being brandished by BT,BBC and STV on a regular basis.
Polls are like moles,who live down dark holes,,which is all we need remember when we see the Usual suspects lording it and announcing with glee
“The polls,the polls,its true as our polls can prove”
While they conjure the white rabbit from Westminster’s Top hat


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