Fright Night…………….Ghosts of St Kilda

In a hut on a small Island that used to be called St Kilda,a man old before his time writes a letter with his last rasping breaths,summoning all the strength he has left,he scrathes his last word with trembling hands,his breathings heavy,the rasping is louder,he raises his head to observe the last flickers of the candle to his right and his head drops for the final time.
he slumps for the last time as he slides from his chair to lie almost cross like on the bare and worn floor ,eyes wide but blank and lifeless,his time has ended,hes gone,all that remains is a letter flickering in the fading light.
This is his final letter:

In 2014 Scotland voted No in the Independence referendum and decided to stay within the United kingdom,somehow I don’t think we realised what kind of future they had in store for us,for if we did why would we have chosen the Union and believed the snake oil salesmen who promised us a land of stability and a safe future.
Neither of those promises were true!
Before the Christmas of the Vote passing to give Westminster full dominion over us the cracks started to appear and people started to have suspicions that maybe we had made the wrong choice on what was in our best interests.I can also say that the smiling face of Unionism became the scowling face of the local Governor who instructed us of the next sacrifice of civil liberties we would have to take as a condition of the One Nation agreement,which wasn’t really an agreement but a compliance treaty which would strip Scotland of all parties of dissent and its powers of devolution.
No more  “best of both worlds”  from the Prime Governor of North Britain,just
“Time to live in the real world”  while he instructs us that we will be subject to new powers and the new measures needed for the good of the One Nation,the only problem with the new One Nation was it wasn’t good for either Nation as we were soon to find out.

Within weeks of the NO vote a draft was passed that Holyrood wasn’t fit for purpose and all powers should be held at Westminster,in place of Holyrood there would be Governing offices in every major city In Scotland who would enforce and implement Westminster’s policies and laws.
By February 2015 all police forces and Emergency services were being run from these Governing centers under the command of METcorp and responsible only to METcorp command,in turn the Scottish NHS would be put under Westminster control and be subject to the new privatisation program.
This would subject us to the ability to pay healthcare parliamentary act giving Corps full control of all health insurance and Hospitals under the guise of making health pay.

The Barnett formula was scrapped and replaced with new governorship allowances which was a fraction of the old budget,which in turn meant the money was reduced dramatically under the guise of a centrally run emergency service command structure who would allocate the appropriate response through their chosen private contractor.
In March 2015 the workfare program and bedroomtax go into full effect in Scotland and mass evictions are enforced by the Newly formed Westcorp security service,people are thrown out into the snow and onto the street clutching their children close and safe from the blood soaked boots of the WSS stormtroopers who have an “ask once” compliance directive.
Those who comply are shipped to the newly formed work camps and those who resist or refuse to comply are put in other trucks,no one knew where the other trucks went but we all had our suspicions and as reality dawned we all knew they took the right choice.

That was only the beginning of our problems though as the Westminster General Election of 2015 was upon us and in a serpent like twist of fate the Conservative Party gained the majority of seats and went into an alliance with UKIP under the agreement that UKIP got the Deputy PM post.
UKIP also got environment,welfare and the Home secretary posts to sweeten the deal,the few libdems who kept their seats also joined the alliance,leaving a Labour minority and a spent force in Parliament.
By July in 2015 all benefits were canceled and the new work camps were put on-line through the rest of the UK supplying the materials and infrastructure needed for the new shale gas extraction sites that were planned throughout southern England.
Little did they know that Fracking wasn’t a safe method of extracting shale gas and in turn collapsed a shelf under southern england sinking the Norfolk broads and everything south of the Watford Gap to the bottom of the sea,that in turn poisoned majority of England’s drinking water making it unfit for human or animal consumption.
The massive surge forced Chemicals into all water courses as far north as Leeds and made clean water the most valuable commodity overnight so Westminster and the Corporations acted in the way any Capitalist does in a supply and demand scenario and thought profit,it was all about profit by then as people were nothing more than meatsacks and a commodity to be profited from and traded like everything else was in the Corporation owned One Nation Kingdom.
Future London underwater big ben
The only solution according to the New Westminster who had now relocated into the Lake district restricted zone was to construct massive piping systems and take water from Scotland as “they had plenty and wouldn’t miss it”according to the Prime Minister and his Northern Nation Prime Governor.
The workcamps came into their own when they started the aqua extraction program,but to me it was a chance to get out of this unbearable situation I had found myself in,as soon as we were at the new rural camp I would escape and head North!
The chance came on the first night as they only sent four Wss Officers with us and the overnight camp backed on to a forest,later as it got cold the Guards huddled the fire and six of us took our chance.
They didn’t see us and we slipped into the night and in turn on to a boat and sailed into an unknown future,at least we would have a future unlike those who were left behind.

All that water being drained from Scotland’s water tables caused a collapse in the Eco systems and turned the once beautiful forests and glens,into an arid dry dead land like the surface of a far off distant moon.
Those who could leave for the Nordic bloc did and those who couldn’t had to move into either Mucklecity 1 or Mucklecity 2,which were 2 cites that used to be called Edinburgh and Glasgow before the 2017 Eco disaster which turned the majority of Scotland into a dead zone and the worlds largest open Quarry mining site.
After all there was nothing left except Minerals and metals,no animals or plants grew in the old Lands of Scotland anymore,it was what you could call a Nature exclusion zone due to the heavy mining and pollution from the mucklecities.
future edinbirgh
We landed in St Kilda soon after and renamed it New Alba in honour of the land we left behind,we managed for a while but one by one they all passed over and finally im the last one left.
It all ends here……..Im all thats left……
Time for me to join the Ghosts of St Kilda…………..


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