The winners take nothing at all!

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Let us go back a few weeks to the bells and whistles from the mainstream media as they championed the No vote.
No sooner had the film crews packed away their Union is pure dead brilliant hats,as the last bowls of JK curry were being wiped from the highly polished bowls with Fortnum and NAN bread.
Dickensian Dave came out in front of Number 10 to say,
“We respect the decision of Scots but we are going to be evel”
Eh?That wasn’t the deal David!
The ink hadn’t even dried on the NO votes and Dickensian Dave had decided to deceive the people of Scotland on the
“everything is possible under Devolution” ticket?
Which quickly became the
“nothing is possible under Devolution unless we say so”
which isn’t really what we signed up to according to the “Vow” but did we expect anything different? Did we? Did we really?

On a daily basis each and every vow,promised,pledge,pitch or whatever you call it!
In turn was broken,dropped like a hot potato and kicked into the long grass in spectacular style,without the slightest bit of embarrassment or even a slight blush from those of the highly polished brass neck brigade.
Aye,the great clunking fist of Gordyzilla vanished and became a toaty teeny furry glove of Gordon the Go for your ermine.
The vow that became a pledge,became a petition which if truth be told it’s a pleading letter asking for the scraps from Cameron’s table?
From “as close to Federalism as can be in the Union” to as far away from Federalism as man on the moon in less than 36 hours?
An impressive feat even by their low and despicable standards,to be honest that’s saying something considering the form of ex and current Governments.
I can’t say I was surprised by the speed at which the “Vow that never was” started to unravel but what did we expect,especially if we look at the track record of people like Gordon(I will give you a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty) Brown and Dickensian (The NHS is safe in my hands) Dave.
To be fair if we look at the track record of previous Prime Ministers they aren’t really renowned for their honesty to the electorate so we shouldn’t be surprised at their contempt for us.

What we should be surprised with is the speed of the unraveling of every ticket the No camp fought their campaign on,like “pensions are safe” spiel which they were touring old folk homes and sheltered housing complexes preaching,while at the same time they knew the UK pensions pot is in serious risk from Westminster mismanagement.
The other big-ticket they loved to shout about was Europe,which is now looking like we are going to be out of Europe before Christmas because Dave is refusing to pay Uk’s international debts?
Now is it me or did the Nay team not say that Independence would put our membership of Europe in jeopardy?
Honestly you couldn’t make it up?

Even if we ignore the vow,pensions and Europe we have those other muckle elephants in the room!
Like The NHS for example which we are well aware is in crisis down south,even though the whole line up of Vanilla parties were saying “Our NHS is safe in the Union and only Independence puts it in jeopardy”
A Union factoid which we have recently found out isn’t exactly true with TTIP and the reduction in funding for our NHS,but lets not let hard truths get in the way of a good snake-oil pitch ?
Then we have our Resources that we were told was about to run out and finite?
Funnily enough by the same chap who has just been given the contract to Frack the central belt for Shale Gas?
You couldn’t make it up eh?The collusion and blatant corruption of the British state is astounding and should be criminal in a healthy society,but there again rUK is anything but a healthy society if truth be known and “state” describes the state of the Union perfectly.

Needless to say the People of Scotland are no fools and weren’t going to accept the shenanigans from those who would do harm to Scotland.Within days the yes camp had reorganised and re focused their sights on other routes to self-determination.While at the same time the NAY team started to self implode and retreat to their bunkers in disarray,unable to fathom why the pesky Yes camp wasn’t giving up on the dream and getting back in their boxes as predicted by the merry pranksters.

All the While the No parties are hemorrhaging support,Yes Parties are seeing their parties membership quadruple in numbers with eager little beavers ready to use all the knowledge they have learned.The reality is yes activists have been cutting their teeth in the fruity world of street politics,manning stalls and knocking doors which makes them highly experienced in all factors of electioneering .
Lets just say you can be educated to the highest level and have been mentored by the biggest Political brains in the political world,even then you wont touch the standard of education you will get by being out there in the brutal but highly enjoyable world of street politics.
The winners took Nothing at all and the losers might be the winners after all
As this goes to print I have just witnessed Plaid/Greens and the SNP might be kingmakers in the 2015 General election.

The Scottish Labour leader and deputy has resigned and they are taking no prisoners on their way out

Who won the Indyref again?

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