Theres Something about Labour

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Well what can we say about Labour in its current incarnation? Have you ever seen the likes?

Most folk in political parties have this thing called ambition and the pinnacle of that ambition is to lead the party they feel the closest affinity to. So you can only wonder why the Northern Office of the Labour Party, otherwise known as Scottish Labour, are having such difficulty finding a new head honcho at the top table — one that will potentially become the media darling of the clique that is the Labour-party-influenced Scottish media.

In normal circumstances (or in any other nation in the world) people would be lining up to announce themselves a candidate to become the next leader. But not in Scotland. And certainly not in Scottish Labour, whose bright young (and old) things are lining up to say, “Not me, I don’t want the job.”

How bad must things be inside the Red Tory Northern Division if none of the chosen ones of Blue Labour want the job? They would no doubt rather resign and become a branch manager at the nearest ASDA before they’d pick up the purple (formerly Red) flag and run with it.

Things are so bad inside the Blue Labour Northern Division they’re going to export the charisma-void-and-milk-crate-botherer Jim Murphy up to Holyrood, in hopes he will lead them out the wilderness like a modern-day Moses.

One might say Murphy is the Moses of the red roses without the burning bush and tablets bit. To be honest, I think the only thing Jim “the messiah” Murphy could part would be his hair, and even then I’d want evidence.

To be fair, at least Murphy is taking his new potential role of Messiah and Saviour of Scottish Labour seriously.  He’s apparently having his 40 days in the wilderness in preparation. Well, he’s not answering his phone and no one has seen him, so that could be the only answer, couldn’t it?

Then we have Mr. Eh-eh-eh-urrm Neil-Fifi-Findlay as second contender and the last lefty on the shelf — Labours my-dad-voted-Labour choice in the Quest for the Full of Holey Grail, or what’s commonly known as the proverbial poison chalice. A man who happens to be the shadow Health Minister and unlike Jim “the messiah” Murphy didn’t have a one-man-and-a-juice-crate roadshow where he went and talked down to a town near you. Aye, give Neil his due. He didn’t say to a member of the electorate that her backside was bigger than her argument and he didn’t get all “poor me its an outrage” over some miscreant lobbing poultry at him.

That doesn’t make Neil any less complicit in the Better Together “scare-old-people-and-make-stuff up” campaign, or, what’s more commonly known as “Project Fear” by those in the know. That’s what makes Mr Findlay’s campaign pitch of social justice all the more galling when his party could have stuck to its core values and supported a Yes vote, as Mr. Keir Hardie aspired to when he formed the Labour party.

Sadly, the party decided to form an alliance with the Conservatives and conspired to deceive and scare the people of Scotland about the “Boogeyman of Independence.”

Then we have the final contender, and the one I can honestly say I was shocked, stunned and a little bit amazed to hear announced. Sarah Boyack, who funnily enough is an unelected list MSP, isn’t known as one of the leading lights of the Labour party — which says it all about the ferret-in-a -thunderstorm strategy of New Blue Labour.

I can only assume at the meeting held at Scottish Labour HQ there were several rounds of pass-the-parcel, followed by deciding rounds of musical chairs to wheedle out the last candidate for the job as the new illustrious leader of the groovy gang. Either that or they had one of those step-forward-who-wants-it moments where everyone but Sarah Boyack stepped back.

Who would have thought losing would be so much fun?

Land of Opposing Stories

no home rule

It seems as if the Bettertogether contingent have had “projectfear” replaced by “project foot in mouth” if last couple of weeks are anything to go by,who would have thought after their recent win in Dunfermline the Unionist pact would immediately fall from the crest of their election wave and get washed up on a political desert Island like an old bit of driftwood tangled in seaweed with their heads buried in the sand.
During the by-election in Dunfermline it was “we will scrap the bedroomtax” and in less than 10 days the Labour council in Ayr are sending out Notices of eviction for bedroomtax arrears,that’s some leap to be promising an end to the bedroomtax in Dunfermline to be changing direction by throwing people out in the street in within the grand total of 10 days.
Lest we forget the council tax freeze that they were also brandishing about in leaflets around Dunfermline,which was changed by the following Sunday and had been demoted to
“The freeze is unaffordable”
which made the bedroomtax backtrack a relatively long-held principle in Labour election pledges and chosen ideals?
As my Granny says“they change their minds like I change my socks”

Talking of driftwood I see George Gallous way is planning on doing the rounds with the “No respect” roadshow spreading his own brand of hypocrisy for the princely sum of £12.50?
(Half price if you are over 65 and accompanied by both parents)
He’s all heart is Mr Galloway who believes in respecting every Nations right to run its own affairs except his birth Nation,as is his other conflicting internal battleground of “Westminster is full of crooks” so he’s going to head North in his Union Jack boxer shorts and tell us were betterTogether being governed by these crooks and supporting successive right-wing Governments who put the pound before peoples needs?
George being the Grand old duke of the dichotomy thinks that Respect is only a one way street if his latest bombastic article in the Scotsman is anything to go by,where he claims“Scotland would have to compete with Cameron’s race to the bottom” and follow Thatcherism Ideologies?
George tends to forget we haven’t elected a Tory Government in Scotland for many years and us Scots just arent built that way,in the words of Alex Salmond“rocks will melt with the sun” before we elect another Red or blue Tory Government.
He also said the Unionist catchword of the week “Scots Mp’s leaving Westminster would leave Labour with an Everest to climb for election” which isn’t really true when you realise that our votes don’t really amount too much in the Westminster first past the South East popularity system.
Even if it was true(which it isn’t) when is a political party more important than the benefit of a nation and what kind of mind decides his country’s fate on such a whim and misplaced loyalty.
George also tends to have selective memory syndrome when he talks about his old party pals as if the are a people first socialist party with Keir Hardie inspired ideals and core values,sadly they aren’t as is evident by Rachel Reeves:
“Tougher than the Tories on Benefits” announcement.
All the while Labour say nothing on Grangemouth,tax avoidance,Social Housing and the many other things Labour could be doing at the moment rather than jumping on the benefit bashing bandwagon to appease the right middle vote.
This is what Labour should stand for
Keir Hardie_elect

Not forgetting Johan Lamont who declared with a certain smugness and self-assurance the she didn’t say“Something for Nothing Nation” in her usual whiter than white way,using the “it wisnae me” evasion strategy.
Only to be sat later that same week with head in hands at First Ministers Questions While the First Minister read out her “something for Nothing” speech and revealing another one of the downfalls of dancing the Dichotomy.
It doesn’t stop there though as it seems like the GMB union will support a no vote as was said by their leader over the weekend:
“If Scotland became independent in September 2014 there would be a loss of 40 labour MP’s at Westminster – a major blow for the Labour Party achieving the return of a Labour government in the next General Election on May
7 2015, throwing doubt on the rest of the UK and its future political direction.”

uncannily enough its an almost direct quote from George Galloway,but even more strange is the GMB’s decision to put a political party before the democratic rights of its members.Not only that they passed this directive to its members without asking them,which sort of defeats the whole point of a Union if you ask me,whats the point of a union if it’s not working in the benefit of its members but in the interests of a political ideology.
Basically a union that has no concern or care for its members wishes is no longer a Union and becomes a strange gentlemen club,while waiting for ermine rewards and in reality are as bad as the corporations they claim to oppose.
I cant see why the Unions are so sycophantic if you look at Labours track record on the poorest in society with such heinous policies as Workfare,atos,esa and the capricious bedroomtax.
Remember also that Labour didn’t repeal Thatcher’s anti Union laws,also Labour abolished Clause IV which really meant Labour were no longer a true Labour party and had lost its core principles.
Its a very strange set of affairs if a Union are supporting a right-wing party agenda over the chance to construct a more equal society with workers rights at its core.
There again as the last statement has proven the GMB aren’t interested in what is best for their members but whats best for the Labour Party and be damned to the rest of us.
work for no pay

We Deserve Better

The only way is Yes

Fright Night…………….Ghosts of St Kilda

In a hut on a small Island that used to be called St Kilda,a man old before his time writes a letter with his last rasping breaths,summoning all the strength he has left,he scrathes his last word with trembling hands,his breathings heavy,the rasping is louder,he raises his head to observe the last flickers of the candle to his right and his head drops for the final time.
he slumps for the last time as he slides from his chair to lie almost cross like on the bare and worn floor ,eyes wide but blank and lifeless,his time has ended,hes gone,all that remains is a letter flickering in the fading light.
This is his final letter:

In 2014 Scotland voted No in the Independence referendum and decided to stay within the United kingdom,somehow I don’t think we realised what kind of future they had in store for us,for if we did why would we have chosen the Union and believed the snake oil salesmen who promised us a land of stability and a safe future.
Neither of those promises were true!
Before the Christmas of the Vote passing to give Westminster full dominion over us the cracks started to appear and people started to have suspicions that maybe we had made the wrong choice on what was in our best interests.I can also say that the smiling face of Unionism became the scowling face of the local Governor who instructed us of the next sacrifice of civil liberties we would have to take as a condition of the One Nation agreement,which wasn’t really an agreement but a compliance treaty which would strip Scotland of all parties of dissent and its powers of devolution.
No more  “best of both worlds”  from the Prime Governor of North Britain,just
“Time to live in the real world”  while he instructs us that we will be subject to new powers and the new measures needed for the good of the One Nation,the only problem with the new One Nation was it wasn’t good for either Nation as we were soon to find out.

Within weeks of the NO vote a draft was passed that Holyrood wasn’t fit for purpose and all powers should be held at Westminster,in place of Holyrood there would be Governing offices in every major city In Scotland who would enforce and implement Westminster’s policies and laws.
By February 2015 all police forces and Emergency services were being run from these Governing centers under the command of METcorp and responsible only to METcorp command,in turn the Scottish NHS would be put under Westminster control and be subject to the new privatisation program.
This would subject us to the ability to pay healthcare parliamentary act giving Corps full control of all health insurance and Hospitals under the guise of making health pay.

The Barnett formula was scrapped and replaced with new governorship allowances which was a fraction of the old budget,which in turn meant the money was reduced dramatically under the guise of a centrally run emergency service command structure who would allocate the appropriate response through their chosen private contractor.
In March 2015 the workfare program and bedroomtax go into full effect in Scotland and mass evictions are enforced by the Newly formed Westcorp security service,people are thrown out into the snow and onto the street clutching their children close and safe from the blood soaked boots of the WSS stormtroopers who have an “ask once” compliance directive.
Those who comply are shipped to the newly formed work camps and those who resist or refuse to comply are put in other trucks,no one knew where the other trucks went but we all had our suspicions and as reality dawned we all knew they took the right choice.

That was only the beginning of our problems though as the Westminster General Election of 2015 was upon us and in a serpent like twist of fate the Conservative Party gained the majority of seats and went into an alliance with UKIP under the agreement that UKIP got the Deputy PM post.
UKIP also got environment,welfare and the Home secretary posts to sweeten the deal,the few libdems who kept their seats also joined the alliance,leaving a Labour minority and a spent force in Parliament.
By July in 2015 all benefits were canceled and the new work camps were put on-line through the rest of the UK supplying the materials and infrastructure needed for the new shale gas extraction sites that were planned throughout southern England.
Little did they know that Fracking wasn’t a safe method of extracting shale gas and in turn collapsed a shelf under southern england sinking the Norfolk broads and everything south of the Watford Gap to the bottom of the sea,that in turn poisoned majority of England’s drinking water making it unfit for human or animal consumption.
The massive surge forced Chemicals into all water courses as far north as Leeds and made clean water the most valuable commodity overnight so Westminster and the Corporations acted in the way any Capitalist does in a supply and demand scenario and thought profit,it was all about profit by then as people were nothing more than meatsacks and a commodity to be profited from and traded like everything else was in the Corporation owned One Nation Kingdom.
Future London underwater big ben
The only solution according to the New Westminster who had now relocated into the Lake district restricted zone was to construct massive piping systems and take water from Scotland as “they had plenty and wouldn’t miss it”according to the Prime Minister and his Northern Nation Prime Governor.
The workcamps came into their own when they started the aqua extraction program,but to me it was a chance to get out of this unbearable situation I had found myself in,as soon as we were at the new rural camp I would escape and head North!
The chance came on the first night as they only sent four Wss Officers with us and the overnight camp backed on to a forest,later as it got cold the Guards huddled the fire and six of us took our chance.
They didn’t see us and we slipped into the night and in turn on to a boat and sailed into an unknown future,at least we would have a future unlike those who were left behind.

All that water being drained from Scotland’s water tables caused a collapse in the Eco systems and turned the once beautiful forests and glens,into an arid dry dead land like the surface of a far off distant moon.
Those who could leave for the Nordic bloc did and those who couldn’t had to move into either Mucklecity 1 or Mucklecity 2,which were 2 cites that used to be called Edinburgh and Glasgow before the 2017 Eco disaster which turned the majority of Scotland into a dead zone and the worlds largest open Quarry mining site.
After all there was nothing left except Minerals and metals,no animals or plants grew in the old Lands of Scotland anymore,it was what you could call a Nature exclusion zone due to the heavy mining and pollution from the mucklecities.
future edinbirgh
We landed in St Kilda soon after and renamed it New Alba in honour of the land we left behind,we managed for a while but one by one they all passed over and finally im the last one left.
It all ends here……..Im all thats left……
Time for me to join the Ghosts of St Kilda…………..

Grangemouth through the looking glass

Most are aware of the Grangemouth situation which has been prevalent over the last few weeks and the outcome of the “rescue plan” as announced by Ineos,Unite and many others including Westminster
What started as a matter of one man became something which gave another man the opportunity enact a situation which held Scotland to ransom by threatening to close Scotland’s biggest industrial site unless the workforce complied to Ineos demands of new contracts and pension settlements,basically saying that unless the worker’s and their unions capitulate Ineos will close Scotland’s oil refinery with immediate effect and send Scotland into the dark ages before Boxing Day.
The reasons for these Dickensian type ultimatums were allegedly that Grangemouth was running at a loss which is strongly disputed,as a senior accountant stated in the Daily record last week which alleges Ineos are making a 7 million a year profit this year,6 million last year and that “he wouldn’t have signed off Ineos accounts” which makes most raise an eyebrow at the very least.
What is even more unusual is the £134 million cash injection from Westminster to Ineos claims of loss making and infrastructure demands.Especially when Ineos had just wrote off £390 million pounds worth of equipment and infrastructure from Grangemouth,which meant they were released from loans of £464 million to other Ineos companies.
In turn that made Ineos a cool profit of £69’000’000 net on the write-offs,while at the same time pleading poverty and holding out the begging bowl for more taxpayers money from Westminster,all the while declaring their workers need to accept new contracts or lose their livelihoods.
In all honesty it’s looking as if The Grangemouth situation was ideological and not financial as we were led to believe and there seems to be a pattern if you delve deeper down the rabbit hole.
rabbit hole3
Follow the White Rabbit…..
Lets look at Ineos and their track record from conception 15 years ago to become the United Kingdoms largest
privately owned company in such a short time span and how it correlates with the Grangemouth situation.Firstly the rise to dominance was no mean feat in itself but lets look at Runcorn as a prime example of how it all works in Alice’s Corporate land.
In 2001 Ineos bought the Runcorn chlorine plant from ICI in what was described as a Northern Rock 120% mortgage deal in a 350 million dollar agreement,which in all reality meant Ineos were paid to take the plant off ICI’s hands,then Ineos demanded £65 million in taxpayers money because the site in a bad condition,whist at the same time asking for extra Government money to keep the site open and running at an acceptable level.
Then with what seems to be the Alice in Corporate land ethos the workforce were cut from a number of 2013 at the time of takeover down to a number of 938 by 2009,also the wage bill was cut from £63,000,000 in 2001 down to £38,000,000 by 2009,which with inflation and the rise in the cost of living is a massive cut in annual salaries to the workforce.
Some might say “This is how capitalism works” or “they have to be competitive” but I disagree strongly with that if we correlate it with Execs salaries/dividends from 2001 and the rate of the last known dividends in 2009.
Which becomes even more apparent when we look at the total directors remuneration,which in 2001 stood at £302,000 and rose to 679,000 by 2009 according to records
So as is evident by what we can see at Runcorn that corporations have a work model of buy cheap,get free money then cut workforce and maximise profits for those chosen few who sit at the top table.
Basically its an ethos of those “who have” need more and those “who have not” get less
Mad Hatters Tea Party……
Shortly after in 2011 Ineos moved to Switzerland for tax purposes saving them £100,000,000 a year in corporation tax and a total saving of £395,000,000 by 2014.What is even more unbelievable is that Ineos were given the approval to move by its lenders after a structure review,even stranger still its lenders include Loyyds and the Royal bank of Scotland who funnily enough have received massive bailouts from the public purse and in turn were owned in part by the taxpayer?
So as it turns out we are subsidising Ineos to make as much profit as possible while laying off workers or stripping them of their rights and pension allocations,only our inverted system would promote,finance and endorse such actions against its workers without care or concern.
To me thats a strange way for a public majority owned company like RBS to behave and goes against working in the interests of its majority shareholder.
Which is basically the treasury and in turn us who are living in this Neo Dickensian nightmare,because after all is said and done we bailed out these banks who were happy to take our money in the first place.
Strangely enough in that same year Ineos who were allegedly in debt managed to buy into BASF in a 50/50 project called Styrolution which would bring two sectors of the petrochemical sectors into one company,that would put the supplier and the end-user of Petrochemicals under one umbrella and in turn make Ineos the UK’s largest privately owned company all the while allegedly being a loss making enterprise?
Which brings us up to date as Ineos are now looking to buy Styrolution outright in a deal with BASF that would see Ineos having full control and no doubt full profit that is estimated at 6 billion euros a year,Which makes Grangemouths alleged losses if we are led to believe(which I don’t) as a couple of pennies in the Ineos Corporate purse.

I’m only scratching the surface here but as you can see the United Corpocracy isn’t working for us and we deserve better than the likes of Ineos dictating our workers rights and setting us back 100 years as a society.Saying that it’s still an ongoing situation so it may be returned to,even more so if what we are hearing about the Grangemouth workers discrepancy in contract settlements is proven to be correct.

The truth is out there